Oil Mill

Crushing olives

If you came to visit us, you would doubtlessly remember this stage of the process. The olives are brought to our mill in large plastic baskets, the sides of which are full of vent-holes, which allow the drupes to “breathe” while at the same time preventing the accumulation of excessive humidity. The olives are loaded …

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Olive milling time!

So here we are, tomorrow we officially open the olive-milling season and start producing this year’s oil! We are quite satisfied with the quality of this year’s olives, but we will only be able to draw our conclusions when we finish milling. Meanwhile you are most welcome to come and visit us: book a visit …

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A journey to the discovery of Garda olive varieties

The difference lies in the plants, in the vast array of olive cultivars coming from the Garda district. The difference also lies in the climate and soil, as well as in the work of the farmer, his experience, expertise, and ability to exploit new techniques and respond to the changes in the environment.

Pruning time

  Pruning is a key instrument in the hands of olive growers. It has a great impact on canopy development and contributes to define the size, shape and health of the plant.