The Museum of the Castaldo


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The Museum of the Castaldo (the land steward) is set up as a journey through our local history, from the traditional rural world of our ancestors to present times, the hallmark of which is specialization. This is the same journey that we, both as a family and business, have embarked upon during our lifetime. The rural world that marks the beginning of this voyage was that of Mario, our grandfather, and Giancarlo Turri, our father. Father and son shared the same fate: after completing their studies at the School of Agriculture, they both became Castaldi,i.e. land stewards.

Castaldiplayed a key role in the rural society of those days, because they had to manage the local estates, cultivating the land in a profitable manner and taking care of all the equipment. Land stewards were the depositories of the agricultural know-how, skills and techniques, and had to be capable of managing everyday tasks whilst keeping an eye on the future. By the early Fifties, Giancarlo was fully conscious that the traditional rural world he and his father had known was doomed, and in 1951, following his calling, he decided to open his first olive mill. We are still walking in his footsteps, because his passion is ours, we feel it is the right way to go and believe that this project is destined to last. This is a route leading to the future, passing from one generation to another.

These are the reasons that have led us to create a museum illustrating the story of our life, our past, and the history of our ancestors who cultivated these lands prior to us.

Memory has an inestimable value and should always be nurtured. We are the beneficiaries of the lessons that our ancestors taught us, and this museum is not only a homage to our past and the legacy of our forefathers, but also a way to sustain our future with the necessary vision and foresight.