The best oil for fish? Olio Turri!

We would like to thank Luigi Caricato, an enthusiastic journalist and great connoisseur of olive oil. In his column “Condito” (“Dressed”) published on the August-September number of the cooking magazine “Cucina&Sala”, he chose our Garda orientale DOP oil as the best oil for fish.
We agree with him that there are no fixed rules about dressings, and that the only thing that counts is to harmonise the various ingredients in a dish. However, we would like to quote his words, which conjure images of mouth-watering dishes and make you want to dash into the kitchen to try out new recipes.

“Golden yellow with a pale green glint, it is clear and transparent. To the nose it has a delicate, fresh scent of grass and leaves, with a mild note of apple and artichoke. To the palate it is fine and rotund, harmonious, delicately reminiscent of artichoke and sweet almond. The final sensation in the mouth is mildly pungent, with a trace of almond. This oil is excellent with freshwater fish with red, compact flesh, baked in foil but is also indicated for oven-baked sea fish. Its features also make it ideal for the preparation of desserts.”


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