A journey to the discovery of Garda olive varieties

The difference lies in the plants, in the vast array of olive cultivars coming from the Garda district. The difference also lies in the climate and soil, as well as in the work of the farmer, his experience, expertise, and ability to exploit new techniques and respond to the changes in the environment.

This week we will analyse some olive cultivars, and their distinctive traits, because not everybody knows about them. The variety called “Less”? It is known for its ability to tolerate low temperatures and produce good oil. The “Bagolin” olive on the other hand is not very resistant to cold, produces little oil, and its quality is rather poor: it is for these reasons that it has now nearly completely disappeared. The “Casaliva” cultivar tolerates the cold and produces olives yielding an excellent oil. Not by chance it is the most popular olive tree cultivated around Lake Garda. Other varieties common to this area are Frantoio, Leccino, Favarol, Moraiolo, Trepp and Pendolino. We will talk about these cultivars in our next post.

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