What is the best way to store olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is an exquisite product, and being very delicate, should be stored carefully. This is why we advise you to pay the greatest attention both to the container in which it is sold and the place where you will keep it once you get home. Ideally, oil should be placed in a fresh, dry, well-aired room, in the dark and at a temperature ranging between 12 and 14° C. Under these conditions, its flavour, colour and scent will keep for a long period of time. Because light is so damaging, clear glass oil cruets should always be avoided, even when they are small and the oil inside is quickly consumed. You should instead opt for dark glass vessels and avoid cork stoppers, because they are permeable to oxygen and smells which would ruin the oil. Never place your oil where there are scented products, and never, for any reason, keep it under the kitchen sink, near soaps and detergents!

The best solution is to store oil in a dark glass bottle, with a screw-on cap and a dripless pour spout. It is also worth purchasing a metal spout designed specifically for this purpose.


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