Turri goes to Sanremo with Bruno Bassetto

Bruno Bassetto, ambassador of Veneto, will be present at Casa Sanremo.

Native of Treviso, where he was born in 1948, he has devoted over 50 years of his life to his greatest passion, meat. Bruno Bassetto is a master butcher, and as the official spokesperson for VQ (Verified Quality) Veneto meat, he will be presenting this and other local delicacies to the guests of Casa Sanremo.

Bassetto will be both the head butcher at the venue and ambassador for Veneto.

During the celebrated Sanremo music festival, as well as endorsing his philosophy of “eating better and spending less”, he will also be promoting his native region, Veneto, the economy of which revolves around tourism and the agro-food sector. He will be promoting the best local produce, such as for instance, PGI red radicchio, the renowned prosecco Valdobbiadene wine produced by Astoria Vini, PDO casatella trevigiana, soppressa veneta and many other delights for the palate. The star however will be his famous Battuta al coltello al naturale, a steak tartare made from a cut of beef that requires no hanging and is extremely succulent. This dish, served on a slice of grilled bread, is only seasoned with a pinch of sea salt and a drizzle of Turri extra virgin Garda PDO oil. The main ingredient of this finely hand-chopped battuta is the QV Veneto meat, which is just as delicious as a filet, but considerably less expensive.

The guests of Casa Sanremo will also have the opportunity of savouring his famous cheeks of heifer with PGI red radicchio, and his renowned salamella, thanks to which for three times he entered the Guinness book of records for making the world’s longest sausage, 7,018 metres long. As Bruno Bassetto likes to say, “We are not here just to eat” but also to learn. Bruno is the author of a number of books, including Fra tagli d’Italia dalle corna alla coda (i.e. Italian meat cuts, from horns to tail), a real bible for meat-lovers that describes hundreds of meat cuts and the recommended recipes.

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