Oil tasting in nine steps.

Although olive oil has always been a key component of the Mediterranean diet, it has only been acknowledged as a quality product in relatively recent times. As a result, new professions have emerged: olive oil tasters and sommeliers now possess all the know-how needed to assess the quality of oil, a task that that up …

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From tree to bottle

It is in early June that the first tiny olives start to appear on the branches of our trees. Throughout the summer months they slowly grow, beginning to accumulate small amounts of oil. Later on, during the ripening stages, the levels of water, sugar and acidic compounds decrease, while its fatty component, or in other …

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What was this vase used for?

Did you ever notice these vases in the ancient courtyards dotting the hills and countryside of Verona? Nowadays they are often filled with soil and used as flower pots, and once I even saw one turned into a fish pond! These funny-looking vessels have an equally funny name, centenar, and it is not often that …

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