Persimmon bundt cake

Ingredients: 300 g persimmons, 200 g wholemeal flour, 100 g brown rice flour, 100 g dark chocolate drops, 100 g extra virgin olive oil, 80 g almonds, finely ground, 2 eggs, 16 g baking powder, 1 orange, 1 pinch salt


Whisk the egg whites till they form soft peaks. Using an immersion blender, mix the yolks with the olive oil and orange juice to a creamy texture. Add part of the persimmon pulp and blend again. Pour the mixture into a bowl, add the remaining persimmon pulp, mix and gently incorporate the two types of flour, baking powder, salt and ground almonds. Gently add the chocolate chips and the egg whites.

If the mixture is too firm, add a little more orange juice.

Pour the mixture inside a greased and floured bundt cake tin and bake in a pre-heated oven set at 180 °C.

Use a wooden pick to check for doneness. After removing it from the oven, place the tin on a wire rack until cool; remove the cake and decorated with slices of persimmon.

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