Pairing new oil

First of all, let us clear that there is no oil that is suited for, say, meat, fish or salad. When pairing oil with food, we suggest you follow your instinct. Allow yourself to be carried away by the flavours of the oil, because this type of curiosity is what usually yields the best decisions. You should be aware however that in general, olive oils can be grouped into three categories: light fruity, intermediate fruity, and intensely fruity oils. As the ancient Romans claimed, in medio stat virtus, virtue stands in the middle, hence if we choose an oil of intermediate fruitiness, we cannot go wrong. We recommend however that you store a bottle of all three types of oil, so that you will be tempted to experiment with pairing.

Things get even more interesting when you deal with new oil, especially if it is unfiltered. You will then realise that it is not a secondary ingredient, but a key protagonist of any dish. This is why it is important to pair it with the right food, so that it may unveil all the freshness and intensity of its flavours. We recommend strong soups, fresh bread and any vegetable in season. Autumn soups are particularly indicated, especially those made with broccoli, Savoy cabbage, turnip greens, or oven-baked pumpkin.

So let yourself be carried away by the strong flavour of new oil, its distinctive aroma, robust structure and… enjoy a unique sensorial experience!

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