Our fish, from Garda lake


The best combination for Garda olive oil is doubtlessly that with freshwater fish: common trout and Garda Lake trout (Salmo carpio L.) are best served with a drizzle of oil and the juice of our lemons, which emphasise their delicacy, aroma and fragrance. Whether boiled or baked, a pinch of salt and some olive oil will make all fish delightful. Even the less renowned fish such as carp, tench, pike, common barbel and chub are best savoured when cooked in oil. No complicated recipes are necessary: these fish can be either fried or filleted and cooked with a mirepoix of onion, parsley, beet and chard sautéed in oil and a knob of butter. A typical dish of our region is pike, filleted and cooked in a sauce made with fried anchovies, or even better, sardines, grilled and dressed with a few drops of oil.

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