Casaliva, a precious variety typical of the eastern shores of Lake Garda

It is said that Casaliva was chosen by the olive growers of the area because of its abundant yield of top-quality olives, which give rise to a fine, delicate oil that is a perfect condiment for many dishes.

Locally, this cultivar is also known as Drizzar (i.e. to straighten out): as the name suggests, it has always been capable of straightening things out when the outlook on the harvest was poor, because its olives ripen more gradually, and later in the season. Today, we are proud to introduce you to Casaliva Turri, an extra virgin Garda DOP olive oil that bears the hallmark of our territory. A variety becomes distinctive of a certain area when it adapts to its climate and soil. The cultivars growing here have been selected after much thinking, and these often difficult decisions take into account the plant’s ability to survive a freeze, its hardiness, resistance to parasites, and response to the farmers’ work and efforts. Casaliva is a feature of our landscape: it is the ideal variety for the environs of Lake Garda, an element of biodiversity that should always be protected.

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