Hitom Cuisine from Tokyo inspires us with its creations

One of the latest posts we found on HITOM CUISINE’s website, a cooking photo studio in Tokyo, inspired us to prepare raw fish, a delicacy that is gaining increasing popularity in our country. It is undeniable that Japanese cuisine knows no rivals when it comes to this ingredient: there are countless dishes featuring raw fish, all of which are extremely tasty and quite distinctive.

In recent years, raw fish has started to feature rather prominently on our tables too. If you too love raw seafood, and want to try your hand at this type of preparation, you must follow some precautions, to safeguard your health. The first rule is to pay the greatest attention when purchasing fish and shellfish, making sure that what you buy is extremely fresh. If you plan to serve oysters, you should first clean them thoroughly, scrubbing the shells with a hard-bristled brush under running water to remove all traces of sand and debris.

When it comes to opening them, we advise you to position an oyster in your non-dominant hand, covering it with a kitchen cloth, and using your dominant hand, introduce a knife between the two shells. Once opened, you should rinse the oysters to remove any further debris and shell fragments, before laying them on a bed of crushed ice. The ideal temperature to serve oysters ranges between 6 and 8 °C, although some prefer to savour them warm, to enhance their delicate flavour.

Once open, oysters should be eaten within an hour, whereas if they are still closed, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

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