The new feature of Verona Garda bike is Celeste Bianchi Tour

Another important new feature of Verona Garda bike is the special route dedicated to e-bikes (pedal assisted bikes) called “Celeste Bianchi Tour – Terre del Garda”. In particular, the tourist cycle path designed for the “Celeste Bianchi – Terre del Garda” e-bikes concretized with the involvement of Bianchi (a famous Italian bicycle company of excellence, and the collaboration of Garda Mountainbike, a non-profit association of volunteers who following a process of authorization, management and maintenance of the tracks). The tour runs for 98 km through the entire territory of the lower Lake Garda Verona and touches all the places where the 9 company of the Verona Garda Bike network can accommodate cyclists. The route can be divided into 3 smaller and shorter rings that divide the territory into the north, center and south. The tour does not have particular differences in height and can be divided into several days. It starts rom the shores of Lake Garda and Bardolino and extends inland towards the villages.

Completely innovative is the fact that in each area of the “Celeste Bianchi” track will be set up a recharge station to recharge the battery of the bike, premiered yesterday during the press confirmation. Following the installation of the columns, while the engine is recharged, the tourist will have the opportunity to stop and rest and enjoy the beauties of the territory, at the member companies of the network that will offer this service.

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