Extra virgin olive oil outside the kitchen: 10 alternative uses

Nobody can deny the exquisite flavour of extra virgin olive oil, especially when it is drizzled over a crunchy bruschetta or a bowlful of pasta, but did you know that it has many other uses outside of the kitchen?


10 alternative uses for extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Oleic acid has moisturizing and nourishing properties, making olive oil an excellent ally for our skin. Gently massage your face with a few drops of oil into your skin until fully absorbed to prevent sagging and give a healthy glow. Olive oil is also excellent for your hair: if you apply 1-2 tablespoonfuls of olive oil before shampooing you will have a nourishing mask that leaves your hair soft and shiny.


  1. Thanks to its texture, olive oil is a great alternative to shaving foam. Rubbing it on your face ensures less friction of the blade, protects from irritation and leaves the skin supple and moisturized.


  1. Stressed and in need of some pampering: try adding 4 or 5 spoonfuls of olive oil and a few drops of essential oil to your bath and immerse yourself into a relaxing experience. Uniquely soothing for both body and mind.


  1. To remove all traces of makeup, you need an oil-based skin cleanser. And what better than olive oil, which is also an unbeatable moisturizer? Just add a few drops onto a cotton swab and gently rub, to remove all makeup without irritating your skin.


  1. Olive oil also possesses soothing properties: a few drops can ease the discomfort of minor dermatitis and skin irritations, such as nappy rash.


  1. A few drops of oil can also rapidly remove wax from any surface without having to scrub.


  1. When leather bags, shoes or even gloves haven’t been used for some time they tend to lose their luster and suppleness. A few drops of olive oil will bring them back to life: even better than specific commercial products, that although more rapid are definitively less effective than this ancient home remedy.


  1. Olive oil is also an excellent lubricant, great for squeaky door hinges. You can also apply it onto the teeth of zips to ensure their smooth running, as well as other blocked mechanisms.


  1. Anything that has a sticky consistency can be easily removed with the aid of olive oil: labels, chewing gum, glue, but also honey, syrup, jam…


  1. Olive oil is also wonderful for removing all traces of paint from the skin. Just rub it into the skin area, leaving it for a few minutes, and then wash with soap and water.
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