Why fry with extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil or seed oil? Which is better to use for your next fry-up? For us there is no contest: extra virgin olive oil is the best solution. Let’s see why.

A question of smoke point…

EVO oil is the only oil that can reach high temperatures and with them a very high smoke point, above 190°C, unlike other oils: the lower the free acidity, the higher the smoke point.

The smoke point is the temperature at which the fats in the oil burn, creating a toxic substance that is harmful to our bodies called ‘acrolein’. It is therefore important to prevent the oil from reaching this point and try to keep the temperature of the liquid around 170°/180°.

Keeping an eye on the temperature of the oil is not the only way to avoid the formation of acrolein. Another trick is to avoid adding chilli peppers or herbs to the liquid. The presence of water typical of this substance lowers the smoke point. For this reason, frying water-rich dishes such as fish and vegetables is more delicate than others and requires optimal drying of the food.

…and quality that remains intact!

Another reason to choose extra virgin olive oil for frying is its high quality. Unlike other oils, in fact, EVO oil remains largely intact, losing only very few organoleptic characteristics. It is worth mentioning that this type of oil also protects the heart, is rich in polyphenols, is suitable for children’s diets and helps prevent skin cancer.

Recommendations for use

When it comes to frying, we recommend changing the oil whenever it darkens, becomes viscous or produces smoke during cooking. It is best to avoid mixing new oil with previously used oil and overfilling the pan. In order not to incur higher temperatures, in fact, we suggest cutting the food into equal sizes, so as to have the same cooking time.

Many in Italy are still unaccustomed to considering extra virgin olive oil as frying oil. Given the qualities of the product, we hope this custom will change soon.

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