Extra virgin olive oil: the right seasoning for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet and constant physical activity are two fundamental aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. There are various activities that can be done to stay active, but they must be supported by a proper diet and the right ratio of fats. Extra virgin olive oil is the only one that should be consumed as a good fat.

Physical activity

Physical activity is extremely important for our body. Recent studies claim that physical activity alone could cut European mortality by 7 per cent. The Istituto Superiore di Sanità states that ‘physical activity contributes to maintaining and improving psychophysical wellbeing, to reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness, because it can be done in company, it improves sleep, and it helps to stop smoking‘.

Sport can be practised by everyone, but special attention must be paid to the type of activity according to age group and state of health.

Sport and healthy eating: the perfect combo

Those who practice constant physical activity, such as a sportsman, need to follow a varied and balanced diet, which needs a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and above all needs to take in the right fat

Extra virgin olive oil, thanks to its properties, especially Vitamin E, provides high protection of cells against oxidative stress, exceeding the minimum values required by EFSA. In addition, it contains oleic acid, which produces antioxidant effects and lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood, and blood pressure values.

Here’s why to use evo oil

Extra virgin olive oil is also the only fat included in the Mediterranean diet because it protects the stomach, liver and arteries, while polyphenols combat oxidative stress by slowing down inflammatory processes. Consumption of extra virgin olive oil also helps regulate blood sugar and even out energy in the body during physical performance, and helps prevent muscle cramps.

It is recommended to use at least two tablespoons of raw oil per day together with a suitable, well-balanced diet. In addition, it is recommended to consume EVO oil raw or at low temperatures to get the maximum benefits and not to alter its properties.

If you are sporty and looking for the right seasoning for your diet, extra virgin olive oil is the right one for you.

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