Where vines embrace olive tree


The grape harvest prepares to leave its place to olive harvesting.
The sight in front of our eyes is one of exceptional beauty. The light is just right. Summer draws to an end and invites autumn to take its place. The lake, never alone, welcomes its most affectionate admirers. Meanwhile the grape harvest gets ready to cede to olive harvest. The month of October is near at hand, the weather is fresh and pleasant, and the tourists’ cars in the late afternoon mingle with the tractors conveying the grapes to the wineries. The time has nearly come. The olive groves pride themselves ontheir ripening fruit. The oil mill has already been alerted and while waiting one has a great longing for a little peace before the great moment. We will dedicate the new oil to you all, so that you can share with us these feelings and emotions. We look forward to meeting you soon.
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