The mill opens once again, the olives are ready

The olives are ready! After harvesting the grapes and putting away the pruning tools, the farmers are now getting ready to gather the olives. For us, once again, this is a period full of enthusiasm, even though we felt that it was a long time coming.

However, the more elderly farmers who have worked all their lives in this field all agree that this is the right time, and that the previous seasons were anomalous, due to the exceedingly warm climate.

This year, October brings us fresh autumn breezes, the sun shines shyly in the sky and Lake Garda is shrouded by a diaphanous mist. The temperature is just perfect for our olives. Our oil mill will now open its doors to the ripened olives, which will be crushed to make Turri’s 2013 extra virgin olive oil.


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