An oil-scented Christmas: Turri’s perfect gift ideas

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and like every year we always find ourselves with no ideas, desperately hunting for the perfect present that will please even our most difficult friend or relative.

Maybe we can help with a few suggestions. Here are some ideas for some original gifts, obviously all oil-based!


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  • Moisturizing hand cream. Given the cold weather, all the sanitizing gel we use and the countless times we have to wash our hands to avoid all risks of infection, it is no surprise that we all end up with rough, chapped skin. Our non-greasy, fast absorbing hand cream is a true balm: its secret is a precious ingredient, Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil. This is a lush hand lotion that nourishes and moisturizes the skin, protecting it from roughness and irritations. The perfect gift for a lady friend who suffers from dry skin, and has no time or patience to wait for a lotion to be absorbed.


  • Flavoured oil. Our line of delicacies includes three excellent flavoured oils: chili pepper, lemon, and rosemary o They are unbeatable when it comes to adding a delightful, personal touch to all our homemade dishes. And if this range of flavoured oils is not enough, why not make your own: all it takes is to put your favourite herbs or spices in a glass jar and pour over them a generous amount of our Classico 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The perfect gift for an adventurous relative who loves to create new dishes and experiment in the kitchen.


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  • Podium: the gourmet trio. The gourmet pamper contains a selection of our best extra virgin olive oils: three sample bottles, 0.1 litres in size, of our Classico 100% italiano, Biologico 100% italiano and DOP Garda Orientale 1924, respectively. They can be used for an original after-dinner game: the whole family can turn into a panel of oil tasters, trying to detect the hallmark features of each oil, and the best foods to pair them with. The perfect gift for the genius at board games, who knows every answer to Trivial Pursuit questions or cannot be beaten at Monopoly.


  • Our Cosmetics. Our line of cosmetics, all made with Turri’s Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil, received the 2020 Award for Best cosmetics at the “Le forme dell’olio” international innovation and packaging contest. As well as the hand cream and aftershave balm mentioned previously, the line also includes a moisturizing face cream, an anti age face serum, pure hyaluronic acid and our moisturizing body shield cream. The perfect present for whoever is in need of a bit of pampering: their delicate, paraben- and silicon-free formula makes them ideal for all types of skin.


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  • Refreshing & moisturizing aftershave balm. This aftershave balm with Turri’s Garda PDO extra virgin olive oil is full of active principles of plant origin that provide immediate relief after shaving, normalizing skin pH and reducing all rashes or inflammations caused by the razor blade. After shaving, gently massage into the skin to stimulate blood circulation. Its paraben- and silicon-free formula make it ideal for sensitive skins. The perfect gift for a friend or family member whose skin is always irritated after shaving.


  • In our online store shop you can find more than oil-based products. We have a small but interesting collection of books. “Olio ed olivi del Garda Veronese” (Oil and olive trees east of Lake Garda), also available in English, recounts the history of olive tree cultivation and oil production in our area from the Middle Ages to the early Nineteen Hundreds. “ll Castaldo e gli ulivi” describes the important role played by the Castaldo in bygone days, together with the history of the Turri family. This latter book is only available in Italian. Both are enjoyable, interesting reads, the perfect gift for a anyone with an inquiring mind… an uncle or aunt perhaps, who might want to know more about our rural countryside and its history.


If you are still not satisfied and want more ideas, check out all our products and potential gifts in our online shop!


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