Turri’s Garda Dop oil wins an award at the “Orogiallo” fair in Rimini.

Every day we work with the greatest commitment. We put our heart and soul into our job, doing our best in every stage and task. We try not to overlook anything, even at the very earliest stages of production, when olives are only starting to develop, and blossoms still adorn the trees. We are always careful to treat our plants with all due respect, as well as their fruits, which are harvested with the greatest care before being conveyed to our mill to extract their precious oil. Ours is a daily commitment, a promise we have made both to ourselves and all of you who use and appreciate our oil. You are always most welcome to visit our oil mill, and witness the passion that moves us.
The quality of our goods – you can be sure of it – is immediately discernible. You only need a whiff of our extra virgin oils to appreciate all their freshness and goodness. Indeed, the panel of experts at the prestigious “Orogiallo” contest in Rimini, which has just ended, could testify the excellence of our extra virgin oil Garda Dop Orientale, awarding it the first prize in the category of “medium fruity” olive oils. We must admit that we are very proud and satisfied. It is an important acknowledgement that underlines our efforts in promoting and safeguarding a product that is truly unique from a sensorial point of view. One just has to taste it to see.

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