Turri’s Garda DOP oil on display in Milan.

Turri’s extra virgin olive oil features in a leading role in Milan. Naturally, we are talking of the Dop Garda oil.

The idea of presenting it together with Maria Marinoni’s special bread was ingenious. The bread-oil combination has always been a simple yet successful way to reveal the quality of an oil, and curiosity does the rest. So in Milan our oil was tasted even on its own. Assured goodness. And behold for our pleasure , an article appeared on one of Italy’s leading newspaper,  “Corriere della Sera”, signed by Maria Ghezzi, and complete with photos.

The most surprising thing was to notice – a really unique coincidence – a woman carrying a shopping bag, out of which is peeping a bottle of  Turri extra virgin oil. It is the first step towards a long awaited rebirth. Harsh times due to the economic crisis, but oil is a comforting product that provides certainty and stability.

And good oil to all.

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