Turri moves to Japan


This week, from March 4 to 7, we are attending the international Foodex show in Japan. Foodex is the leading food and beverage exhibition in the whole of Asia. The Italian food industry will doubtlessly be one of the protagonists of this show, and considering both the large number of top-notch Italian restaurants present in this part of the world and the growing interest towards our traditional products, extra virgin olive oil will certainly be the focus of much attention!

Japanese cuisine is doubtlessly unique. Only the best ingredients are used, and they must therefore be completely genuine, fresh and pure. These are often served raw, but when cooked, highly skilled techniques, such as steaming and frying, are employed, which ensure perfect dishes.

Japanese cuisine is also renowned for its attention to detail and beauty, as well as its healthiness. It is definitively at one with extra virgin olive oil!

Foodex Makuhari Messe – Japan

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