Small, great reads on two wheels


We have decided to endorse the Verona Garda Bike project aimed at promoting tourism on two wheels in our region, because we believe that cycling not only plays a key role in a healthy lifestyle – together with a balanced diet – but is also a fantastic way to rediscover the territory. We have become used to admiring the view from the windows of our cars, but however fast, safe and comfortable these vehicles are, when travelling along the country roads winding through magnificent olive groves we often fail to catch the details, the scents and sounds of Nature. We will describe some of these scenic routes later on, but meanwhile we would like to recommend a couple of books that came to our mind when reading a recent article by Riccardo Piaggio on Il Sole 24 Ore.

Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne, which chronicles the author’s observations and thoughts from the saddle of his bike, is, in our opinion, an extremely pleasant and enjoyable read. Beautiful, fascinating, at times almost dream-like is Marc Augé’s book Éloge de la bicyclette (In praise of the bicycle), describing with a philosophical approach the ecological and social significance of using bicycles as a means of transportation. “The bicycle hence becomes the symbol of an eco-friendly future for tomorrow’s cities and a form of urban utopia capable of reconciling society with itself.”

While waiting for spring to come, check out the website. The maps of all the scenic routes are available at our retail shop.

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