The Ladies of Oil and Monna Oliva


We recommend that you to check out the website of Donne dell’olio, i.e. the Ladies of Oil. Donne dell’olio is an organization whose purpose is to promote and divulge the art of olive tree cultivation and oil production. Its actions involve the sectors of oil production, distribution, marketing and use, and as the name suggests, it is chiefly targeted at the fair sex. The scope of this non-profit organization is to restore the image and reputation of good quality olive oil.

Among its initiatives is the contest presented a few days ago at the 2014 Olio Officina Food Festival, in collaboration with UMAO: the “Monna Oliva” award, which is entirely devoted to table olives.

The message that the organization hopes to get across with this contest is that the potential of olive trees should never be underestimated. The harvest is usually destined to oil production, and only a limited number of farmers decide to process it in order to obtain table olives. This is the reason why this year we decided to hold a contest to honour the production of table olives, since they are extremely popular in Italy, and our country is forced to import large amounts from abroad!

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