A portrait of a novelist and recollections of olive trees


A few days ago, there was a documentary on TV devoted to Mario Rigoni Stern. The late Italian novelist spoke about his life, remembering his early youth among the mountains of Veneto and farm life on the Asiago plateau. In his eyes, this was an emblematic place, a micro-cosmos of experiences and emotions, but also a panoramic viewpoint from which to observe Nature, to then give it voice in his novels. But Mario Rigoni Stern also reflected on the present, speaking about our responsibility towards the environment, the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and the dignity of working the land. We would like to recall among his most significant works, Arboreto salvatico, a collection of short stories published in 1991. Each story is devoted to a plant species, among which there is the olive tree, and each plant brings back to the author’s mind memories and anecdotes.

“When you are fifteen you are in love with everything, but as time passes, it becomes more difficult to get carried away. However, every time I come across an olive tree, it is still capable of stirring those powerful emotions in my heart “.

The olive tree. Mario Rigoni Stern, Arboreto salvatico.

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