Some interesting facts about Cavaion Veronese


In the wake of the Warda Garda festival, we would like to tell you something more about our town, Cavaion Veronese. It is set on the south-facing slope of Mount Mescal (438 m high), poetically described as “outstanding for its lush vegetation”. The rocks beneath its surface conceal a vast and interesting array of fossils.

The name Cavaion is believed to derive from the mountain overlooking this town. In the Middle Ages it was known as “Caput Leonis” for its rounded shape, reminiscent of a lion’s head. Others have suggested that the name comes from “cava”, quarry, because of the stone mining tradition of the area. The town’s coat of arms is an orange shield with three hills from which two letters “C” emerge, standing for Comunitas Cavallonis.

In the past, the town was a considered as a “restful rural haven”: the medieval heart of the town is still characterised by the typical introi roads and cobble paths. Nearby Sega is a small town on the shore of the river Adige, on the border of Valpolicella, famous for its marble industry.

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