On olive oil and its applications in beauty treatments


Pedanius Dioscorides was a Roman physician, pharmacologist and botanist who practiced medicine in Rome during the reign of the emperor Nero. He became famous for his De materia medica, a pharmacopeia – i.e. an encyclopedia on herbal medicine and related medicinal substances – that was held in high regard throughout time, hence influencing the history of medicine. When discussing about oil, Dioscorides states that “the oil obtained from unripe olives… is indicated for those in good health, and the fresher, more delicate and scented, the better… All oils heat and mollify the stomach, preserve the body from the cold and prime it for action”. While dwelling on the various types of oil and their uses, he not only describes its dietary and pharmaceutical properties, but also its cosmetic ones, mentioning how it was used by the gentle sex to make their face more beautiful.

Hence our desire to produce a line of cosmetics and soaps with the Turri brand made with extravergin olive oil.


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