Discover the Archeological park in Cavaion Veronese


The remains of a citadel founded at the turn of the first millennium were recently discovered on the slopes of Mount Bastia di San Michele.

It appears to have been some sort of a military post, a town of outstanding importance from a strategic viewpoint, since from here it was possible to control the entire region, and all the plains and roads unfolding around Lake Garda. The view from the summit of Mount Bastia is spectacular, revealing a panorama that ranges from the clear waters of the lake to the hills in the background. Landscape and history blend into one another, creating this unique archeological park or “Archeoparco”. The access to the area is the “Sentiero della salute” (i.e. the health route), a pathway that starts from the village below. For those who wish to cycle, there is a 4-km long biking route that leads to the park from the nearby Adige Sole trail. The archeological park was open to the public on August 3rd, and it will be open on September 5th and October 7th. Further info is available at:


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