Montefortiana 2012. Come and join us !


This year too Turri Oil will be present at the 37th edition of Montefortiana. It has now become quite a tradition for us to attend this great sports event, so come and join us next Saturday and Sunday (January 21 and 22) in Monteforte d’Alpone!

Sports and a healthy diet have always gone hand in hand. These two factors are essential to fully appreciate the beneficial effects of an active lifestyle combined with true spirit of sportsmanship.

Turri Oil, a company famous for supporting sporting events in the province of Verona, has always shown a particular predilection for running, because this discipline embodies the vision and mission of this prestigious oil mill. This year, to highlight the bond between Montefortiana and Nature’s gifts, there is the great novelty. An Eco-Marathon will be held, in which the 42-kilometer route will mostly unwind along offbeat country lanes.

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