In June, from the countryside to the sea, along the river Po

June heralds the beginning of summer, and Nature bestows many good things to eat. On the sides of the hills, cherries hang ripe from the branches of their trees, while peaches and apricots start changing colour.

The vegetable gardens are full of courgettes, chards, spring onions, peas, radishes, garden valerian, fresh garlic and basil. In the countryside, the wheat ripens in the sun and the plants turn blond, waiting to be reaped. There is a product that is now in season, which is typical of this region, or better, of our rivers, and can be savoured in many ways. Perfect as an appetizer or a main course, it only needs a few drops of extra virgin oil to enhance its lovely flavour: we are talking about the carpet shell clams from Scardovari, a small village on the delta of the river Po. This type of shellfish is outstandingly unique, best enjoyed when prepared in an uncomplicated, genuine manner. We like to dress it with Primizia del Fattore Turri, our unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil. You can find some interesting recipes on the website of Consorzio Cooperative Pescatori del Polesine, i.e. the Association of Polesine fishing cooperatives that supervises the entire production chain. Scardovari clams are harvested between April and September, but this is the best month for them.

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