Giancarlo Turri: a story of skill and passion

Giancarlo Turri’s story is one of dedication to oil. His father, Mario Turri, was the castaldo (i.e. the land steward) of an imposing estate and it was in this environment that Giancarlo was to discover his passion for olive tree cultivation.

He decided to study at the agricultural institute of Marzana and once graduated, he followed his father’s footsteps, becoming a castaldo. However, he quickly realized that traditional rural life and farming practices were destined to change radically, if not disappear. It was for this reason that he resolved to create something new, a place where he could continue to cultivate his love for Mother Earth and her fruit. In 1951 he established the “Turri” olive mill, which since then has constantly grown and expanded. Nowadays it is us, his children, who are managing the family business. Like our father, we believe in investing in research to achieve top quality, and are proud to follow his principles and work philosophy.

Giancarlo Turri was not only an outstanding entrepreneur, olive tree farmer and olive miller but also an excellent sportsman. A newspaper article published in the Nineteen Forties quotes these words: “[Giancarlo Turri] fought with all his might, he, the youngest of the young. He did all he could…”

He made every effort to promote and highlight the benefits of healthy food and physical activity, and to honour his memory, Fiasp has been organizing since 2014 the “Giancarlo Turri” Memorial, an annual cross-country race among the olive groves and vineyards surrounding Lake Garda.

He had many passions and interests, but his heart however was devoted to olive oil. He always was a staunch endorser of its culture, and was the first producer in the Garda region to establish a sensory analysis laboratory for extra virgin olive oil. The tasting vessels employed were bespoke, handcrafted by a glass factory in Murano.

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