First and foremost, handle with care.

It is extremely important to store all food properly. This is also true in our homes, because once bought, food safety is in our hands. Home hygiene, food preparation and storage are all critical factors, and if we handle and store our ingredients correctly, we can safely consume them after a certain length of time.

Correct storage is not only important for our health, but also preserves the organoleptic features of food, namely its chemical and physical properties (flavour, smell, aspect and texture) and its nutritional properties; proteins, sugars and fats are all subjected to quantitative and qualitative changes, as are vitamins, minerals and water content.

Obviously, food should be stored in an appropriate manner even before it is sold, and extra virgin olive oil is no exception. We will come back to this topic.

For now, let us just remember the golden rule: handle with care.

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