Extra virgin olive oil in the restaurant business


Once again we would like to discourage you, when eating out, from using the oil found inside those sad-looking dispensers at your table. We sincerely hope that this habit of serving unidentified oil will soon die out. Although all top-notch restaurants should have an extra virgin olive oil list, we realise it might be asking too much to be handed one, together with the wine list. However, it would be nice to find the original bottle with its label still on, in the hope that once empty, it is not refilled with other oils of dubious origin. If restaurateurs wish to improve their business, they should pay greater attention towards those customers who can discern the quality of the ingredients, and want to learn more about them. This includes the so-called experiential tourists who are curious, conscious and careful, and need to understand in order to decide to come back. Much remains to be done, especially in respect to the training of the waiting staff.

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