Coming soon… Warda Garda

Warda Garda is the event that the Garda PDO consortium will be holding next September, in collaboration with the town of Cavaion and the local Pro Loco organization. The aim of the festival is to celebrate the Garda PDO territory, the inland in particular, with its vast array of wines, food, art, nature and culture. The greatest star is as always, olive oil.

The event will take place in Cavaion Veronese from Friday, September 2, to the following Sunday. Three days devoted to extra virgin olive oil, focusing on all its facets and possible pairings, in the heart of the Garda PDO territory, surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful olive groves.

The venue is the central Corte Torcolo, in the headquarters of the PDO Garda Consortium: there is a rich programme of events, such as workshops on oil tasting and pairing, cooking shows, excursions, art exhibitions, farm markets, traditional cuisine and live music. On Saturday morning, September 3rd, there will be a round table on “Oil-tourism, plans and itineraries for the new tourist” with the intervention of experts in the fields of marketing and tourism. At the end, there will be the prize award ceremony for both the Oro del Garda contest for the best Garda PDO oil and the Giorgio Bargioni Award for olive pruning.

But why Warda? This is a Lombard or Herulian word meaning place of guard or observation site. The name Garda comes from this ancient word, because in the past, its inhabitants built fortresses and watchtowers on the very hills where olive trees have been cultivated since time immemorial.

More info will be soon available on the festival’s website

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