Churchill’s box of chocolates

An English friend of mine once told me a story about Churchill, and how he managed to save a business deal with a mouth-watering present. He missed an appointment with a potential customer for the second time in a row and was well aware that his behaviour would be considered quite disrespectful.

He therefore decided to send the customer a box of his favourite chocolates, together with a note expressing his most heartfelt apologies. The customer was so impressed with Churchill’s gesture that he decided to give him a third chance, because, as he claimed, “I usually only receive a letter of apology. This is the first time someone goes a step further! This gesture has made a lasting impression. The business relationship is as strong as ever!”

This little story holds no hidden secret, and surprises us more for the author of the gesture than the gesture itself. We often seek excuses to make a present, and also, especially in this time of the year, think of a thousand things that may become beautiful, useful, if not indispensable gifts. Well, we might not be objective, but we are delighted to see that every year more and more people decide to give a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil as a Christmas gift or come to our shop to choose presents among the wide array of delicious delicacies we offer. All these products have in common their unquestioned goodness, genuineness and usefulness. Merry shopping to you all!

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