Castaldo Museum

Inside the Castaldo Museum you can dive into the past, from the traditional rural world to the most refined specialisations, starting from our family roots up to the evolution of our passion: olive oil production.
The exhibition space is a tribute to our origins and it testifies the stages we have covered with passion and devotion.

Who were the castaldi?

Castaldi were key figures in the traditional rural society in Veneto.
They were administrators for extensive land estates, they had knowledge and skills that went beyond the simple daily management. Their ability to look ahead and to adapt to the changing conditions make them essential to the rural world. 

Mario Turri has been the castaldo in a villa a few kilometres far away from Verona for thirty years; he liked working the land but olive production was his real passion. He passed his enthusiasm for olive trees to his son Giancarlo. In 1951 he felt the wind of change on the rural world and following his family vocation he started the oil mill Fratelli Turri.

That’s the reason why we set up our Museum, a place for people looking for a connection with their roots and their past.

Memory is a precious source, our guide for building a better future.
This inheritance teaches us how to face challenges and to have confidence for what is to come.


This museum is both an homage to tradition that shaped us and a platform for sharing our passion with you.


Please, book your visit to Castaldo Museum Frantoio Turri.
Write to [email protected].

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