A butchery course

Dedicated to all meat-lovers:

If you want to learn more about meat, we suggest you read Fra tagli d’Italia dalle corna alla coda (i.e. Italian meat cuts, from horns to tail), a book, or better still, a guide, written by master butcher Bruno Bassetto.

Bruno has crafted a butchery master-class, teaching us how to recognise and use all the various meat cuts that are available on the market. The most crucial lesson that he wants to impart however is that we can all eat in a healthy manner without spending too much, and respecting our traditions. That is why it is important to know more about meat cuts and what they are called both across Italy and abroad. The book also contains 160 interesting recipes, created with the help of friends and restaurant chefs.

Among these, there are the «friendship dishes», as the author calls them, because they are served on social occasions: winter dishes made with forequarter cuts of beef, requiring long cooking times, quicker recipes made with hindquarter cuts, braised meat and traditional offal dishes. There is also ample space devoted to grilling and cooking on a spit, specialities of the foothill countryside surrounding Treviso, the author’s town of origin. The world-famous hamburger is presented in a new version, made with hand-chopped Italian heifer beef. The book also includes Bassetto’s acclaimed recipes for heifer cheeks with red radicchio, osso buco (braised veal shin) à la Marita, beef shoulder with pomegranates and oxtail with red radicchio. One of Bassetto’s favourite ingredients is Turri’s Garda DOP oil, which he uses for his steak tartare, served on crunchy slices of grilled bread. Beautifully simple and genuine.

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