What is free acidity in a olive oil?


More often than not, free acidity is considered the hallmark of a superior oil. This is partly true, but so as not to mislead the consumer, when free acidity is indicated on the label, the law requires that other data be supplied, such as the oil’s peroxide index, wax content and UV absorption.

Our Olio Irreprensibile has a low degree of free acidity.

It should be known that the levels of free acidity indicated on a label refer to that measured when bottling, and change throughout time, due to the natural degradation of the oil. All these parameters, taken together, can give an indication of the true quality of an oil. Admittedly however, who is not an expert on the chemistry of oil can find it difficult to understand these data.

It is therefore important to take into account the sensory characteristics of an oil, namely its bouquet and taste. These are certified by a panel of trained experts, who do not express their judgement in a flowery language, but use an objective, standardised terminology

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