What does ‘monocultivar’ mean?

The glossary of the oil world is full of words that may seem indecipherable to those outside the industry. There are the endless varieties of plants, classifications, the stages of olive processing and the differences between product and product.

In December 2021, we produced an extra virgin olive oil that we are particularly fond of: Monocultivar Leccino. But what does monocultivar mean? Let us look at it together.

A ‘cultivar’ is…

The term ‘cultivar’ is synonymous with ‘variety of olives for oil’. Leccino, Casaliva, Moraiolo, Frantoio… they are all cultivars. There are as many as 538 Italian cultivars and each of them has unique genetic characteristics, as well as the shape of the plant, the olives, the leaves and finally also the flavour and aroma of the oil obtained.

What is a monocultivar oil?

A monocultivar is an oil that has been obtained from a single variety of olives.

Our Leccino…

Fratelli Turri’s Leccino monocultivar is obtained from Leccino olives, one of Italy’s most popular varieties. It is a balanced oil, with hints of bitter, spicy, sweet and fruity.

We have designed it for raw food pairings with white meats, grilled vegetables, fish carpaccio and fresh cheeses, but we are curious to know what you will try it with.

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