What are we preparing for Sol?

Sol&Agrifood is back. This year’s International Salon of Quality agri-food produce will be taking place from April 15 to 18 in Verona, alongside Vinitaly.

During this four-day event, we will be presenting our new bottles of oil designed for the catering industry. An idea targeted at all the restaurateurs who display great attention and sensitivity towards the ingredients, and have built a strong bond between their cuisine and territory. The aim is to raise awareness among the customers on the oil used as dressing, allowing them to bring whatever is left over back home with them, just as it is now customary with bottles of wine. We have devised for this purpose an exclusive bottle, i.e. a 10-cl vial of 100% Italian Turri extra virgin olive oil. We will also be presenting a 25-cl bottle in a gift pack, ideal for a wedding favour or a small gourmet present.

During Sol&Agrifood, our stand will offer a variety of opportunities to sample and savour Turri oil paired with specialities of the Garda district. On Sunday, April 15, from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm, Mr Bruno Bassetto, renowned maitre butcher from Treviso, will be serving his celebrated sorana steak tartare, drizzled with Turri’s Garda PDO oil. The following day, from 12 am to 3 pm, the star of the table will be Fogassa de Cavaion, a typical cake of our countryside, offered on this occasion by DeCo. At Vinitaly, the Association ‘Cavaion nel Mondo’ will prepare an alternative version of this sweet bread, made with Chiaretto wine. On Tuesday, April 17th, at 12.30 pm, Riseria La Pila in Verona will prepare their breath-taking Mozzafiato risotto made with PGI rice Nano Vialone Veronese, drizzled with Turri’s Garda PDO oil, and garnished with herbs and buffalo milk mozzarella. Finally, on Wednesday 18th, the Berti Culinary Institute in Verona will present a dish created specifically for Vinitaly, featuring once again our Turri oil. Sol&Agrifood is also the opportunity to savour this season’s Garda PDO and all the other oils and delicacies produced at Turri’s. Be our guests, we look forward to meeting you in Pavilion C, Stand B1.


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