Two books to discover the cultural value of oil

We tend to see extra virgin olive oil only and only as an everyday food product. Indispensable of course, but basic.

Not so: oil is much more than the basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

Most of the farming practices and ancient production techniques used for centuries have now fallen into disuse and are only kept alive by the memory of a few. We are so used to seeing oil on our tables that we have forgotten about its thousand-year history!

For us in Turri, oil is indeed an everyday food, but it is also and above all a cultural product. A historical asset. This is why we have decided to publish several books on the subject: to ensure that its heritage is not lost.

With ‘Il castaldo e gli ulivi’ we take you from the traditional rural world to the present day, through a journey that is our own life, as a family and as a business. We have written a book on the figure of the castaldo, which touches us closely, the rural life of a court and the ancient history of olive oil.

‘Olio ed olivi del Garda veronese’ (Oil and olive trees of the Veronese Garda area) is instead a volume entirely dedicated to the oil routes of our area, from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Our oil is strongly linked to its territory of origin: this is why we felt it was right to explore in depth the olive growing of Verona.

We believe that the Italian milling business cannot look to the future without being fully aware of the importance of what has been. And that only by studying the past can one arrive at an awareness of the product, of its value

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