The Verona Garda Bike routes

One of the most breathtaking routes in the Verona Garda Bike portfolio is also one captivating all our senses. The trail unwinds among the vineyards and olive groves lining the Garda PDO oil-producing zone and that where the renowned Custoza and Bardolino DOC wines are made. Now that spring has arrived, this is the ideal time to start exploring the neighbourhood. The following route can be covered by either foot or bike: the slopes are gentle, and not too hard, but the overall route is rather long and full of dirt-tracks, so we would advise you to try it only if you are reasonably fit.

The start is in Bardolino: a short stretch of uphill road leads to the panoramic route passing in front of the Wine Museum. From here, you head towards Cavaion Veronese, on a lane winding its way through the vineyards and olive groves that are so typical of the Bardolino hills, until you reach the Fratelli Turri olive mill. You then head towards Calmasino, and a gentle climb takes you behind the Parish Church. After crossing over the road to Lake Garda, narrow lanes take you across an expanse of olive groves to a paved, but quiet road near Lazise. From here on, the route continues along dirt tracks in and out of more olive orchards. Once you reach the Borgo Mondragon resort, you cross over the Verona-Lago road and return onto another dirt track. This leads to the hamlet of Colà and the first of the surrounding moraine hills, on the boundaries of the Custoza wine production area. The next stop is Castelnuovo del Garda, a charming village of ancient origin. The route continues north, and after cycling through the centre of the neighbouring hamlet of Sandrà, you will find yourself once again surrounded by vineyards. A level dirt track brings you back to the Bardolino DOC production area. Narrow lanes and paths lead to the hills overlooking Lazise and from there to the outskirts of Calmasino, near the Tenuta Preella Lamberti winery. Shortly afterwards, you are back in Bardolino.



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