The time has come to prune olive trees

Never underestimate the importance of pruning. Quality starts in the field, and if the olive trees are not well looked after, you will never achieve excellence. It is therefore quite important to decide when it is best to prune. Before starting, we would advise you to see how the more expert gardeners in your area work, so as to acquire the basic principles of plant growth and production. You should also accurately observe your plants, because an olive tree can somehow tell us what branches should be cut back or removed. You only need to pay a little attention and you will soon learn the plant’s language.

Pruning, which should be carried out with the appropriate tools, is aimed at cutting back old branches so as to stimulate the development of new fruit-bearing ones, while preserving canopy efficiency. Pruning is also used to shape the plant and regulate its growth according to the training and harvesting techniques employed. It is also essential in order to ensure a high leaf/wood ratio and constant yields throughout the plant’s life cycle.

Is it clear? It is probably easier to observe than explain. Come and visit us, you will fall in love with our olive trees and you will be bound to want to learn how to prune them. It is really not that hard.

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