The oil made from olives is meant to be shared

All of us – Mario, Laura, Luisa and Giovanni, together with our children – are here to thank you most sincerely.

We want to thank you for coming to see us. Sunday, November 11, in the heart of the oil-making season, we were most happy to welcome you to our oil mill, where you were all able to experience and share a day of our life. Thank you for coming, despite the heavy rain: for some of you this appointment has now become a tradition, but for many others it was the first time we could meet and talk to each other. So, while the 2012 season proceeds nonstop – many olives remain to be harvested -, we take the opportunity to dedicate the fruit of our work to you all: indeed, and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts, without your appreciation for our oils, the passion we put into our work would not survive.

This is why we firmly believe that the oil made from olives must be shared.

Just like bread, which must be broken and divided amongst us all.

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