The imprint of the place of origin… for us is Garda lake


The time has now come in the Lake Garda district to reap the fruit of a year of labour, to see the long awaited result of our work. Top quality oil may be produced in many places, but it is the territory that gives it its most distinctive traits. We would like to quote the words of Carlin Petrini, who recently gave a speech at the Salone del Gusto in Turin encouraging us all to rekindle our sense of pride. “The best form of marketing is the pride we should feel towards our homeland. It is our territory that gives us the best tools to promote Italy worldwide. Let us return to the basics”.

Indeed, if you love your environs and you work in the field of agriculture, you will find that the land will always guide you with its scents and flavours that in time become yours, and yours alone. The perfume of the oil produced from your olive trees, for instance. In our case, it is the scent of the lake. These distinctive features can only be discerned after years of experience, knowledge and love for a given territory. Hence the perfume arising from the oil mill becomes your scent, and as for the flavour, it is truly unique, because it bears the imprint of your homeland, those features that are independent of our work, of the season, because they exist throughout time, regardless of the presence of Man.

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