Summer recipes: panzanella with zucchini

This is a recipe that is mostly eaten in the summer, when the fresh ingredients ingredients are available. Tasty and simple, panzanella is perfect as a side dish, but also as the main course of a light meal, perhaps at the beach or during a day trip.

The interesting thing about this dish is that it is made using old bread. A recipe of recovery, therefore, easy to make, which avoids waste and lends itself well to imaginative variations, depending on the availability of your fridge and pantry.

The original recipe comes from all over central Italy: in Tuscany and Umbria the bread is left to soak in water and then squeezed until it crumbles, and then mixed with the other ingredients; in Marche region the slices are left whole and the other ingredients placed on top as if it were a bruschetta.

Adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil here is particularly indicated, because of its rich in unsaturated fats that helps to better absorb all the substances contained in the raw vegetables, enhancing their flavor.

In any case, as in all recipes of popular cuisine, there is no single version, which can change depending on the availability of ingredients or the creativity of the cook.

Today’s recipe also included zucchini, which in our opinion makes the final result even more fresh and tasty. We hope you enjoy it!

Panzanella with zucchini (for 4 people)


about 400 g old bread (Tuscan or Apulian type)

300 g ripe tomatoes

1 red onion

1 zucchini

a few basil leaves

white wine vinegar

a pinch of salt

Turri 100% Italian organic extra virgin olive oil

a pinch pepper


Cut the bread into approximately 1-cm slices and lay them in a well-stretched baking dish.

Wet it with 1 cup of water, gently pressing the slices to let the water absorb, and let it rest for about 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, finely chop the onion and let it soak in a bowl with some water and two tablespoons of white wine vinegar (this step will help to tone down the taste of the onion).

Cut the tomatoes and raw zucchini into chunks as well. Once the 45 minutes has elapsed, gently squeeze the bread slices, and reduce them to chunks. 

Then add the onion also squeezed, tomatoes, zucchini and chopped fresh basil.

Season with salt, pepper, vinegar and Turri 100% Italian organic extra virgin olive oil.

The panzanella can be eaten right away, or even the next day, taking care not to add the seasonings right away, but only when serving.

There you have it, our recipe is ready. It can be served with some fruit and ice cream, perfect for a summer dinner. Until next time!

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