Organic, for Turri

We hear about organic every day, we see this definition written on labels, newspapers and websites of all kinds… but what does it mean, in practice, to have an organic product in our hands and specifically an organic extra virgin olive oil from Turri?

Producing organic extra virgin olive oil means: controlling infestations without the use of pesticides and pesticides of synthetic origin; using fertilisers of animal or vegetable origin, compost; avoiding contamination with products that are not declared organic; carrying out accurate control analyses and preserving the integrity of the raw material. Also and above all to preserve the flavour.

Staying on the subject of flavour, it is precisely this characteristic that is decisive in understanding how good an oil really is: we will repeat it ad infinitum, if it stings, it is a guarantee. An oil that stings in the mouth is a product that has polyphenols and tocopherols in it, natural antioxidants that make it beneficial to our organism, guaranteeing it will last longer.

Since 1989, we at Turri have been producing organic EVO oil from Italian cultivars. What lets you know that an oil is truly organic and assures you of its origin is the EU organic logo, the rectangle with a white leaf on a green background that you find on the label.

For us at Turri, producing and buying organic means making a healthier and healthier choice, contributing to the preservation of our planet’s resources. For our company, the concept of an organic product is closely linked to the definition of sustainability. At our oil mill in Cavaion Veronese, every production waste is recovered to become something good for the planet and people. An example of this is our peanut heating system.

In this way we contribute to the protection of the environmental heritage to which we are linked – that of Lake Garda – avoiding over-exploitation of natural resources and using renewable energy sources.

Loving and respecting our territory is a natural gesture for us. Guaranteeing a product with organic certification is the utmost expression of our constant commitment to reducing the impact on the environment, preserving natural resources and taking care of our customers’ health. Moreover, given the importance of extra virgin olive oil on tables all over Italy, we believe it is up to us to ensure that this product is of the highest possible quality.

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