Opening a new window to communicate with the world

This is the spirit with which the Turri family has decided to start a blog, so as to have a greater opportunity to meet all their friends and estimators. We do not wish to employ the term “customers” because the act of selling and purchasing oil is something deeper than a mere commercial relationship: a special bond is established between the persons responsible for the contents of the bottle and its end user.

We are producers who believe that our oil contains more than a trace of all the passion that we put into our work. We are present throughout the entire production process, carefully monitoring every step, from theformation of the olive to its harvest. It is for this reason that we are always happy when you come to visit ourmill, and witness the most significant part of our work: the moment when the oil is extracted from the olives,revealing all its delightful perfumes and aromas.

Our mill is always open, even when it is not harvesting time, and you will always be most welcome to visit
our info centre with its interesting collection of farming tools and equipment. And if you cannot come in
person, from now on there will always be our blog to keep you updated.

Our father Giancarlo would always say: “be always close to those who have chosen our oil. Ours is not a job for loners, because our product was made to be shared”. It is for this reason that we have decided to create this blog. There are indeed many other means to communicate with you all, but through the internet we will always be there, sharing our friendship with you all.

Mario, Laura, Luisa and Giovanni

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