New image, same values: Turri’s website and shop have been revamped

Olio Turri has never stopped, not even during the months of closure for the pandemic. Having had to suspend visits to the oil mill, we decided to give new shape to our other showcase: the digital one. This is why you are now browsing a revamped site! We have not only made the graphics more agile and the content more digestible, we have also done everything to improve your experience on our online shop.

The new site

Our primary goal was to have a digital home that not only reflected the corporate identity appreciable in physical locations, but also told the story of Olio Turri from the beginning to the present.

We wanted a site that could tell the story of our bond with the territory: what we are is also thanks to the influence of Lake Garda. It is he who has infused his spirit and flavours into our trees, our oil, and consequently, our company.

We have rearranged our digital space so that it best expresses the core of our business: family. After all, first and foremost, Olio Turri has always been, and still is, a philosophy handed down from generation to generation.
Not least, we wanted to put oil back at the centre of everything. We have been growing olives out of passion for decades, and we wanted this to be clear from the first screen.

The new shop

You can access our online shop directly from this site. In addition to our products – which go beyond just oil – you will also find offers and some gift ideas.

We hope to be able to restart visits to the oil mill soon. In the meantime, we invite you to explore both our new website and our shop. Our digital presentation has changed, the values are as firm as ever.

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