How fragile we are with regard to Nature


As we all known, a long, long time ago people used to accumulate large stocks of oil, cereals and wines in the larders of their town homes or farmhouses. Everybody lived in fear of food supplies running short, even of a famine, and therefore they all tended to accumulate, since nobody knew how the season would evolve, what the crop would be, would there be wars. In the texts dating back to the Veronese Renaissance, natural events are described in great detail, but with a sense of fear and powerlessness. Nowadays, these feelings towards Nature seem rather outmoded and outdated, and Man is often careless and inattentive towards her. The bad weather and heavy rains that have characterised this summer should make us think. Nature is only following its course: in the words of Edoardo Bonicelli, in an article published on the newspaper Corriere della Sera, Earth is our “home, infinitely less fragile than us, but fragile nonetheless”. We must recover the ability to observe and respect her, remembering that we all are her very privileged guests.

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